Security by

Neelima Prakash wrote the poem “Security by.” In her poem, she tells us the story of a young woman who is facing problems in the world she lives in. She calls this “stumbling blocks.”


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About Neelima

Creativity flows! Especially when it comes to Neelima. She is a writer, painter, fashion designer and singer. She is also a social activist and a poetess. When she is not busy with her other creativities, she is studying (Creative Writing in English). She lives in India and for us, she wrote this poem in English.

There is a good reason for her to write:

“Penning has the power to bring out the unnoticed views and thoughts to come in limelight. Playing with beautiful words can bring juices to the content. For me,  jotting down is all about getting satisfaction.”

Neelima has been writing poetry for about four years now. She is influenced by William Shakespeare and John Milton.

About Security by

In this poem, she addresses something that a lot of girls and young women have to deal with. To find out where she belongs, in a society that can hold her down or wants to keep her down. It’s the patriarchal thinking, that she finds must be stopped.

In this poem, the girl is someone whose mind is “empty.” This is caused by a social system that has been around for centuries. She needs to be saved, but society doesn’t want that. It’s what they call “her security.”

As Neelima lives in a country (India), where women’s rights aren’t the same as in other countries, unfortunately, she knows what she’s describing. Therefore it is very special, that she took the time to share our thoughts on such a delicate matter with us.

Security by

Security by


Her tabula rasa like mind was
framed with social bracket,
On it, he painted an umpteenth straitjacket –
somewhere blackout others
were merely obscurities
and he said – “It’s her security”

Neelima Prakash

Did you know…

This poem was send in by Neelima using WhatsApp. You can send your poems too using WhatsApp!

Security by
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Security by
How society can hold back the dreams of girls and young women
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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