Self love
Titilola Giwa wrote a poem about self love. She hopes more people want to share their thoughts on self love.

Titilola Giwa wrote a poem about self love. She hopes more people want to share their thoughts on self love.


A poem is a great way to share your feelings. Feelings of love, feelings of sadness; everything is possible. What if you began to realize that there is more to share: about yourself and how you see love. Self love is an important topic to write about for many poets. Titilola is no exception.

According to this poem, she felt that her self love was more strong than his love or the love for him. She wrote this poem from her own point of view, but admits that this poem isn’t limited to a specific person or gender.

She wants to reach out to those, who are in a relationship and keep in mind that they need to reserve a space in their own hearts for no other than themselves.

“It is good to love another but don’t love yourself in the process. Don’t stop with that what makes you happy.”

Her advice for everyone: treat yourself the way you deserve. For example: see a movie by yourself or do anything that will make you happy.

“It’s not acting rebellious. It’s looking out for one’s self. I have seen people who can’t get anything done when their over is away. This only happens when the level of self love is at zero percent. You need to love you or else, you won’t be able to love another as completely as possible. I say cheat; cheat on your lover with yourself. It’s not being selfish. This is self love.”

Self love

I learned
To love me
In ways he never can
Never will
I learned
To cheat on him
with me

Titilola Giwa


Titilola wrote a beautiful, motivational poem about self love. Can you do the same? We look forward reading your work! Contact us for more information on how we can promote your work.

Self love
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Self love
How we should love ourselves in order to love others
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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