Settling for a lifetime

Settling for a lifetime

This is love poetry with a capital letter L. This is Settling for a lifetime, written by the South African poetess Alexa. We are more than happy to share this beautiful poem with you!

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About Alexa

Alexa writes under the pen name Snippets_of_a on Instagram.

I am Alexa, a 27 year old South African female who lives in Cape Town. I love the simple things in life and treat every day as a blessing. I am a huge dog lover and I live for deep conversations. My passions include dancing, speaking German and writing poetry.

Alexa has been writing for a long time – since she was fifteen years old. It is her way of expressing how she interprets the world and her experiences in this world.

Poetry is everything to me.

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About Settling for a lifetime

This poem was written two days ago while sitting in my room. It reminded me of how short lived our lives are and how when we truly love someone , that a lifetime may not always suffice. What comes after death is unknown and I tried to highlight how we may not see our loved ones after we leave this life. It emphasises how the love mee may have may be too majestic for one lifetime.


Settling for a lifetime

Settling for a lifetime

By Alexa Fortune

The love I feel for you knows no boundary.
Not even the skies can fully encompass the volume of this magic.
The world may have love locked down in different cities,
but they don’t come close to the intensity of you
being my forever fetish.
Although the plantes fascinate you
ant the earth may have you planted to the ground.
I cannot bear the fact that I have to settle,
only being a lifetime with you.
A million lifetimes beyond heaven
and an unfathomable count of breaths
of every human who has graced this earth,
wouldn’t fully sum up the love of a lifetime
I am willing to settle for with you.


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