The poem Shame tells the story how someone who is considered to be a friend, can turn into an enemy. The poem is written by Aparna, who writes under the pen name Inameinanimate talks (talksinanimate). 

Aparna on Instagram
Aparna on Instagram – Talksinanimate

About Aparna

I am an ardent poetry lover from India. Writing has been an integral part of my survival routine, I have been writing about clouds and mountains since the day I was told I could write about stuff outside of my textbook. I have been battling depression and generalized anxiety disorder for more than a year now. My understanding of my disease and my acceptance of its consequences has led me to poetry!

If we take a more close look at her profile, beyond the poem Shame, we see a poetess who writes about difficulties in life, but in most cases with a strong belief, that there is room for change. One might say, that this is the silver lining in the most dark period. If you are in need of some positivity set out against the struggles in life: Aparna is the one to follow on Instagram! She also uses a personal account.

About Shame

Having said that about the positivity, the poem Shame is somewhat different when it comes to this positivity. There is no cure, Aparna explains for the ways people turn. From friends to enemies. It should be considered as a fair warning, that sometimes people can change, even when this is very difficult.

She told us the following about her poem:

The essence of my poem is that the one person who is supposed to be your best friend turns out to be your worst enemy. It’s you. Love yourself.

If you want to read more of her work, follow her on Instagram.



By Aparna

The places you go to, the people
you touch, the songs you listen to,
the movies and books you watch
and read can never protect you
from your own demons.


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