Shattered home

The poem Shattered home is written by Shah Faizan. He asked us to promote his work.

Shah Faizan on Instagram
Shah Faizan on Instagram: Poet of Adventures

About the poet

Just like the poem he wrote, this poet doesn’t seem to use a lot of words, when he asked to introduce himself. He is an engineering student, who likes to write. He writes because he feels he has to share his thoughts and words. He uses the social medium Instagram to spread his message.

This poet has a message, spread across more than one poem. He feels the need, to share his work with as many people as possible. Not only to those who he considers important (his beloved ones) but also those who are in need of the words he wrote down. A noble cause, that is worth to shed light on.


About the poem

This poem tells us about how the poet dwells on thoughts about who he is, where he is now. Well, that is one way to interpret this poem, as Shah only gave the mysterious description “All is written in this post.”

This is a poem for those, who are a fan of this genre of poetry. A well-composed poem, that makes the reader want to think. Don’t let yourself get fooled by the shortness of the text in the image that Shah made. There is more to read.

Shattered home

Shattered home

I have borrowed some peace
from the remaining arteries
to build up a hollow
to carry on, and
On and on
with these pieces
somehow managed though.
But what is it?
Nobody has ever asked what I’ve kept
behind my scene.
I don’t want to know why.
My dreams still wake me up
in the morning
though there is no less,
no more in these mornings.

And then I talk to myself
Is this home that feels empty
Or the shattered pieces
that sense you?

Shah Faizan

Your work

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Shattered home
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Shattered home
Read the poem "Shattered home", written by Shah Faizan.
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