She is
This is the poem "She is", written by MALpoems.

The poem written by MALpoems, is for the women who are able to fight after all they have been through. This poem is entitled She is.

About the poet

Mariez A. Larozza writes under the pen name MALpoems. She is 22 years old and lives in the Philippines.

“I’m a frustrated writer by heart. I started writing quotes nine years ago.

When she is not writing poetry, she studies Avionic Technology.

She writes poetry, because it makes it possible to channel her thoughts onto paper or in a digital form. With her poetry, she wants to preserve her memories.

“I write it down in a piece of paper and later on I’ve decided to share it with everyone. So I started to create my account through Instagram and now I able to share my words. Also I able to know new friends and I am happy for that.”

Mariez publishes her work on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow this poetess to stay updated about her work.

She is

She is

She knows what her value is.
She knows love exists.
Then, she learns
to love herself more.


What we did

We helped out Mariez with this poem. Since English is not her native language, we helped her with the proofreading of her poem. We suggested some changes. The result: you just read this! We can also do this for you. If you are struggling with the right phrases or words, we can help! We are not only here to promote your work, we can also help you!

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