She power

She power

In a religious and spiritual country like India, there are still many who believe that men are better than women, just because they are men. It inspired Nivedhitha Gopala to write her poem She power. This poem is a protest at those beliefs.

About the poet

Nivedhitha lives in the city of Hyderabad. She always enjoyed poetry and literature.

And poetry is one of my craving in literature.

About the poem

This poem is based on a real story I’ve seen in my country. In a religious spiritual country like India, the aristocratic parents are on a view that boys are superior to girls. This mindset of people has not changed since the ancient times. There is not a thing a girl can’t do. Each and every girl born has the power to bear more pain than the boys, but the typical mindset of people on girls that -“They are not capable or less stronger than boys”, has saddened me the most, so as a girl of patriotic and democratic India I’ve written this poem in the intent that in a Democratic republic sovereign socialist secular country as India, the girl still faces the difficulty to get accepted in her own family even when the world hails for her. It is now the time people around the globe realize what a girl is.

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She Power

She power

By Nivedhitha Gopala

She came up with a smile

Dreaming to bear it for the whole mile

She was an affectionate sister

With a hope for an adorable Mister

She was an adamant brother

Going on more further

She proved herself an assiduous father

And an avid mother

She was an awesome friend

Until the very end

She possessed herself an avuncular colleague

Standing up very unique

She was an atrocious enemy if needed

And stood up like a pencil sharply leaded

She rose up like a warrior

When time acted like barrier

Because it was the time she mould

To get accepted with what she really was

It was the real cause

To show that she’s no less

Than the world’s mess

She was after all a daughter so long

Which made her become what she was all along

She was after all a daughter all along

From a home where none wanted her to belong.

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