She writes beautiful words – are they hers?

She writes beautiful words – are they hers?

Today, we published the poem entitled This poem is a rescue mission. A beautiful poem, but Lana Rafaela Cindric wrote more beautiful words. When it comes to one poem, there is something odd about this one. We found it time, to give the right credits to the real author of this poem. Not the so-called poetess, who stole it and works of others too.

This is about the poem  so spread your wings. This poem was published by Lana on September 15, 2016. Remember that date, because it is important.

We used special software to check the poetry on her website. Because, we considered the poem to be a very good one. The software marked the text as being plagiarised. We confronted Lana with this and wanted to see what her reaction was.

Beautiful poem

Before anyone starts accusing Lana from plagiarising, this isn’t the case. Unfortunately she became victim of plagiarism.

We check the poems that are send to us more intensely, since we had a nasty situation with a certain “poet” from South Africa. He claimed that he wrote something, that wasn’t his at all.

We used a piece of software for this. We came across a link to a WordPress website containing that same poem. The hardest question to ask then: who was first? We confronted Lana with our findings and she responded as follows:

“Spread Your Wings” is a popular poem with over 80.000 shares (that I know of), and so many more that I encounter every week without my name or the link to my website and no acknowledgement of the fact that there has been a human whose words have touched you enough to share them and yet, you did not even give them the courtesy of writing their name below the poem. I have given up on fighting those battles and think it honour that at least my words are going places and comforting those in need.

We found her work on this website, but with a different title. On this website, owned by Kiran, there was no indication that the poem was from another source. In all the comments, she did not explain that she did not write these words. This post dates back to October 2016. The screenshots below, are the proof of this:

Spread your wings with date stamp
Spread your wings with date stamp

Distractions with date stamp


Even when Lana is that noble person, who gave her view on this plagiarism, we decided to step forward. There is a very good reason to do this. Of course, Lana read the concept article about this all and gave an OK for this.

We consider this plagiarism. Or one might say copyright infringement. In some countries, people can go to jail or they will receive a fine for doing this. We take this very seriously. However, we can do nothing more than pointing these issues out. Up to now, we have been kind-hearted. This time, we will make an exception and for a very good reason.

In the case of the poem ‘Spread your wings’ written by Lana, it was clear enough that this work was written by Lana. As said, the timestamps are an important way to check this. Still, it would not have been a problem if it was just one poem… it wasn’t, it isn’t. 

One has to keep in mind, that we tried contacting the owner of the website, but there wasn’t any response. Our last comment on a more recent poem, was deleted. Since there isn’t a contact form on the website, we could not contact the owner of this website. We even tried searching on other social media pages, but there wasn’t any luck.

This left us with just one poem, that was plagiarised. We then continued on this website, and were stunned. We picked five different poems or writings: all of them were plagiarised. From different sources. There wasn’t any link to the original postings. Instead of thanking others, the owner of this website thanked those who believed she wrote all of this. A total of 97 comments on one featured poem and none of them relating to the original work.

Good or bad?

Is this bad? Well, it depends. If you consider it to be a good idea to freely use text from others, without citation or quotation, then you have no problem what this writer / poet is doing. You do have to realise, that these words could be yours. What if they were your words? How would you feel about this, when you aren’t mentioned or credited? Think about this for a moment.

Many poets and writers publish their work on social media or their own websites. Consider these poems and writings their own “little” children. As a father of two small children, I would be devastated, if someone would do something to hurt them. Or when someone would pass them off as their own. Poetry and other written words are passed on by others, as if they were their own words. This is not only a lack of respect, it is theft.

Background information

We already warned you, this time we would do things differently. In earlier situations, we informed the one whose work as plagiarised and confronted the one who did this. In many cases, we were demanded (yes, we were) to come up with substantial evidence. After we gave this evidence, we never ever heard from those who plagiarised work from others. In this case, we will take it a step further. We are doing this, because we feel a website based on work of others, isn’t the way to go. Yes, we publish work of others: but with proper credits. In this case, there are no credits and the so-called poet or author wants the world to believe she wrote this.

Meet Kiran. We only know her first name. She published the WordPress website Beautiful written words! Very beautiful. That’s the opinion of many others.

Here it comes: the examples …

Let’s start off with a simple case of plagiarism. This poem has been circling the internet for quite some time now. The oldest version can (probably) be located in a Facebook post dating back to 2012. However, this page doesn’t use content that is own content. We also found this website. Based on the lay-out, it is safer to assume this one is older – but there is no guarantee. We have to be cautious here. Not about the fact that the website Kiranmag published this in 2016. As you can read in the comments: the “author” even thanks those who respond to this, as if it was her own work.

We are moving on. The next example is a beautiful poem about Mother Nature. This one dates back to 2016. Again, we have to be careful if this is the original version. Clear evidence: the poem posted on January 12 2017 is that very same poem.

Let’s talk about love for a moment, shall we? Love is such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing. Poets do everything to get their message across. Even steal words from others… March 17 2017, a new poem is published on the website Kiranmag with the title love. Strangely, this is the exact same version of a poem published in December 2016 on this website.

Love continues, as it comes to love for flowers. Or maybe the ability to write about daisies. This isn’t an easy task for some to do. As for Kiranmag, the “right” way for this is using words from another poet. See the original here and the plagiarised version here.

But, sometimes the one who plagiarises get plagiarised. Or at least, it seems like this. The fifth link is unclear who was first. We asked the other author for a reaction, but did not receive any feedback. It’s up to you, to decide…

Link one:
Link two:

As you can see, these five examples of plagiarism don’t even include the poem written by Lana. That is (of course) number six!


Six plagiarised works, that we checked. We believe there is a lot more to discover. However, we thought is was enough. The disappointment, the anger. It is such a shame that this so-called poetess steals words from others. Since it wasn’t just one example, we decided to spread the word about this thievery. We could do more research if we wanted to, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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