shedding silhouettes

When Kylie Trankle isn’t studying, she is writing. She recently decided to return to Instagram. She asked us if we could publish her poem shedding Silhouettes.

About Kylie

Kylie has always loved writing. This is her passion. She wants the world to get the chance to read her work. We are glad to help her out. That is what we are here for: to promote poets from all over the world.

Kylie is a student and we hope to share more of her work in the future. In the meanwhile, check out her Instagram profile: Almostprimary.


So, what’s up with the poem of Kylie? When reading the first line of this poem, you might think you missed something. There isn’t a capital at the beginning of the sentence. This, however, is no reason to complain about the poem Kylie wrote. When you are able to get over this (you should, actually), there is this beautiful way of reminding us that we need to accept ourselves for who we are.

The poem describes a desperate search to change beauty and immortality on this planet we live on. Is there really a need to change?

Remember, it’s all about expectations and acceptance!

shedding silhouettes

shedding silhouettes

i draft templates and shed my silhouettes
to coincide with the opulent stride
of the Mother my feet walk upon
for i strive to be like the compelling force
with magma in her heart
and an immortally captivating presence

so i pluck her lilac lashes
and tattoo the stems of splendor across my fingers
but the roots originate from a groundless base
that will only ever be another’s
i sip the sunrise from her soul
and for an ephemeral moment
my lips drip with rose water
and my name resounds with cascading waterfalls
but a heartbeat extracts that
within the duration of itself

my templates shatter before me
and my silhouettes engulf the presence they’ve missed
once again
i am not the elegant force i long to embody
once again
i am my own mortal self
and perhaps one day that will be enough

Kylie Trankle

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shedding silhouettes.
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shedding silhouettes.
It's all about acceptance and expectation.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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