Sheep in wolf's clothing

Sheep in wolf's clothing

The Girl with Words, she calls herself on internet. It aren’t just words. It’s poetry! That is why we are supporter of her and that is why we promote her work. If you want us to promote your work, then contact us!

About the poem

On Instagram she uses the pen name The Girl with Words or Miss Anonymous. Yes, she has a good way with words and especially when it comes to describing her poem.

Day by day, we all get to see the different faces of people. What we perceive and what they eventually turn out to be, the more we get to know them. I think as we grow up, we tend to become less critical or hateful about the stuff that happens around us, or the way people behave. Understanding comes with maturity. And also that fact that being naive and innocent doesn’t always help, you get played.

The earlier stories used to talk about the wolf who disguised himself as a sheep in order to eat them. But here’s my take on that story. This is to encourage people to be the sheep in Wolf’s clothing and show the world that you’re strong enough to survive anything that it has to offer!

Sheep in wolf’s clothing

By Miss Anonymous

Sheep in wolf's clothing
After a while
We all get used to
the beauty
and the ugly
of the world
~I’ve become the sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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