She’s gone…

She's gone

When someone leaves, it leads to strong emotions. Especially when this leaving is caused by actions of others. Sumati Srivastav. Even though she is still very young, she managed to write some strong words about a break up.

About the poet

Sumati is from India and is sixteen years old. She is passionate about writing and we think she should definately keep on doing this!

She’s gone

She is gone...
By Sumatri Srivastav

Those glittering eyes,
that shiny hairs,
that simple smile,
that glimpse of her tear,
are still alive in him.
Wondering for
Her sudden absence.
The emptiness that
he felt without her.
The way she cared
But he didn’t bother,
the way he didn’t shower,
same respect that she needed
His regret is not worth now,
she’s gone
But memories are with him,
haunting him for his fault,
that he realizes,
when she is no more to hear.

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