Sanjusha Durgam was surprised that we would like to feature her work again. We do this too: promoting poets who have been promoted before.

About Shine

The piem entitled Shine is part of her Love verses. This is the second part. Who can better describe this poem than Sanjusha herself?

How long will one drown oneself in the crimes of one’s past? We’ve done so much – be it good or bad. In an age where we can no longer control our dark desires, it’s okay to realize later. It’s perfectly fine to repent. To change. Like shadows – which have no existence in the Dark, I left my past in a dark room filled with my sins. I’ve let light wash over my revived form. There might be others who still hang around on the tendrils of their past. They might throw pebbles or boulders at me.

They might not accept me. Yet, I’ll move on. Coz I’m not in the dark anymore. I’m a new shine. Everyone of us should kindle the light they’ve contained within. Only then we can rise. Together.

Beautifully written, just like her poem.



I’ve let go of my shadowed past
In the darkness of my sins

I’ve emerged anew.
I’m a new shine

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