Shooting stars

Shooting stars
This is the poem "Shooting star" written by Nabi.

In the poem Shooting stars the poetess Nabi from The Philippines used her creativity to play with words. The result is a poem that is all about stars that fall from the sky.

Beatric aka Nabi
Beatric aka Nabi Source: click here.

About Nabi

Her real name is Beatrice, but she used Nabi as her pen name. This writer, painter and poetess from The Philippines enjoys writing. This can be short stories, prose and more. She published one book alread, entitled And Then I Found You. She is working on her second book.

About Shooting stars

She considers the poem Shooting stars as her best poem, so far:

I love the word play. Shooting stars burn before they reach the ground, but a few are lucky to land. And I think that’s just like love in it’s early stages. It’s like shooting across the sky in its damned glory, and then it is gone.

Beatrice publishes her work on Instagram and her own website.

Shooting stars

Shooting stars

a wasted wish-
that is what
we have come to be

we burned
before we reached
a finality.


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