Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

She calls herself a Storyteller. She writes beautiful poetry. Unfortunately her old account was compromised, so she had to start over again. 0Layinka tagged us in a few of her poems. We already published her poem Moon Lake Musk a few days ago. This time a poem about Sierra Leone.

Hopefully the new account is here for a very long time! Follow this talented Australian poet on Instagram.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

By 0Layinka

Palm trees framed the edges of both sides of
the road. Occasionally, their long leaves
would bend with the wind to form canopies.
We were approaching the forest and smells
of wood chips, untouched earth and insects
infiltrated the air. This is how I would
remember her.

If you want to follow this talented writer / poetess, you can go to her Instagram-account and subscribe.

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