Silent Skies

Silent skies

Silent Skies is a poem written by  Uwais Coetzee. Uwais asked us if his poem could be published. A request we are more than happy to grant! If you want us to publish your work, feel free to contact us for more information.

Silent Skies

Silent Skies

By Uwais Coetzee

Inside me is a world
No person has ever seen
I’m its sole resident
No one else has ever been.
The world inside is living
Or at least it was,
The world outside is killing it
Like a bee losing its buzz.
My inner world used to shine
Now it’s simply dull
Dying because of others
Like cattle being prepared for a cull.
The darkness is taking over
Bursting through the sky
Like a haze of misty nothingness
That no bird would even fly.
The world is being enveloped
By the darkness’ deadly cries
Soon not much will be left,
Nothing but Silent Skies.

Uwais, it’s a beautiful poem! We are more than happy to promote your work!

If you want to follow Uwais, click here for his Instagram profile.


Photo: Harm Jagerman

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