When you are not loved by the one you love, this is heartbreaking. Jon Hamilton was inspired by this, to write about this. From a perspective that he believed, that the other one loved him the most. This is the poem "Sincerely."

When you are not loved by the one you love, this is heartbreaking. Jon Hamilton was inspired by this, to write about this. From a perspective that he believed, that the other one loved him the most. This is the poem Sincerely.

About the poet

He started writing eighteen months ago. The reason to start writing was because he was hospitalised due to sepsis pneumonia. The other reason to start writing was something he kept secret for the rest of the world for 25 years.

This secret was about the violent death of two friends, in a stolen car. This car crashed. Jon made it out alive. The memories, the images, they still haunt him. He was able to talk to medical professionals about the events that took place and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This wasn’t after, he walked around with this for 25 years.

Jon owes gratitude to his little sister. He was able to share the things that happened with her. She helped him with so much. She was constantly telling him, that he should start writing. Finally, he was convinced enough and started his Instagram account: Jon_Hamilton_Poetry. He shares poems about (self-)love, emotions and pain on his profile. Not everything, though. Some of his poems, he finds not fit to share with the rest of the world.

How much he is still affected by the events that took place 25 years ago – he was fifteen at that time- is his reason to keep on writing poetry. Strong, sometimes raw poems. That one should not hide from the rest of the world, we believe. Let’s hope, that this is a way for him to cope with what has happened.

To think, that over a quarter of a century, this poet hated himself, is something that is not only very sad. It shows, that human emotions can do many things, including making not the wisest choices. For a while, Jon decided to flee into a life of drugs and alcohol. Poetry is his new drug and one can only support this change of mindset. We certainly do!

About the poem

Although, this poem contains some popular phrases, it still is a memorable poem. A poem that is based on the idea that the poet did not get the love he wanted, from the one he loved the most.



You cried me a river,
Just to watch me drown.
You said I’d always have a home here,
But now you run me outta town.
Insincerely saying you “love me”,
Sincerely breaks my heart.
My life is an all-black jigsaw puzzle,
With no clues about where to start.
Messed up mentally,
Madly muddled mind,
Make me motivated,
Just try to be kind.
This slippery slope,
So steep, yet so slow,
Show some sincerity,
If you love me, let me know.
Desperate dreams,
That same death scene,
Down for the count,
No one to help pick me up.
Towel thrown,
Trust blown,
So tough, not tender,
I sent you a love letter,
I got back “return to sender”
A life without love, what’s the point?

Jon Hamilton

Article Name
A poem about the love, he did not get in return.
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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2 thoughts on “Sincerely

  1. @ministryofpoeticaffairs I’m unable to adequately express the happiness and pure joy that I am feeling right now. Thank you seems insufficient, but it’s all I’ve got, so, Thank You!

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