Sink or swim

Sink or Swim

The British Charlotte uses the pen name Rose Tinted Poetry on Instagram to share her thoughts. As she is struggling to vocalise them, she deciced to write poetry. She shared the poem Sink or swim with us by tagging our Instagram-account .


Charlotte, 22, British. I write to communicate my thoughts that I struggle to vocalise. I am inspired by language and love to watch it flow through beautiful & inspiring poetry.

I wrote this poem as a dedication to those of us who put their hearts on the line even when they are all too often broken.




Sink or swim

By Charlotte

Sink or swim

It is both
a blessing
and a curse
to have
a heart
deeper than
the oceans,
and a mind
and inclined
to wander
than a

Such a shame
that this boat
in its
deep, dark ocean
doth cross
and waves
on a mission
of destruction.


Update: previously Charlotte used the pen name Red Wine Stains and Little Miss CES. She changed her Instagram account to Rose Tinted Poetry.

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