Sins of the Godly

Sins of the Godly

We are proud to have the opportunity to share a poem written by Luiz D. Syphre. It has been a while, since we shared a poem written by this American poet. This is the poem Sins of the Godly.

About Luiz

Luiz D. Syphre, a wink to Lucifer, but in a good way! This American (published) poet, writes on almost daily basis. He shares his work using Instagram.

Luiz D. Syphre is the pseudonym that Ivan Martinez. Ivan lives in Norwalk California. He is currently raising money to fund a project entitled Reunite wonderful kids with their dad. This project is a personal crowdfunding project, to help Ivan get the legal help he needs, to change the court order.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Ivan, since he was homeless for two months. We can only support his project, just by promoting this crowdfunding project. We strongly hope, that this poet will be able to see his children more often, something that isn’t comon for everyone.

About Sins of the Godly

Ivan or Luiz is a master of words. In ten stanzas he takes us along, like he so many times did before, into his world; his mind. This is poetry not only from the heart, but from the soul. This is what we consider poetry with a deeper meaning.

Carefully selected rhymes, this is Sins of the Godly.

Sins of the Godly

Sins of the Godly

By Luiz D. Syphre

six feet below
In mourning doves
Cages out of

all wear black gloves
For this young love
21 both short of

go far my dears
not old enough
to go buy beer

baby appeared
go disappeared
go out the rear
no wedlock fear
go grab your gear

in front of them
Let go of then
remember when
go honor friends

the likes of us
we strive for them
yet murdered gems

walked out on friends
we can’t resend
the time we spent
at all pretend
that this we mend

tragic end
can’t comprehend
or sins defend
their life extend

now three ascend
a child godsend
and her parents
what bitter end
this what we wend
to sinners penned

nurtured their
body’s descent
the time we spent
now complained
the tears we rained
of guilt our stain
gave the pain
memories to blame
we will be drained
to that now chained

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