How do smiles hide so much?

How do smiles hide so much

Another fine example of deep poetry written by Nikki. She writes under the pen name Poetry of Another. This poem is about smiles. But not in the way you might think.

About the poet

Nikki is actually a pseudonym for a sixteen year old girl, who writes interesting poetry. On Instagram she uses the name Poetry of Another (this is your queue to follow her). She uses poetry to express herself and escape from her thoughts.

About the poem

When we asked Nikki to give some more information why she wrote this poem, this was her answer:

I wrote this poem to express how the most broken of people have the fullest smiles.

How do smiles hide so much?

How do smiles hide so much?

By Nikki (Poetry of Another)

She shone like a broken mirror, laughter followed everywhere she went;
Her bent light was hard to ignore, and somehow that drew people in.
She didn’t quite understand herself, or much of life at that,
And it seemed to be that no one did; they all had bloodied hands.

But laughter,
how it almost always promised a temporary happiness,
Had cast a hold on her tight;
She learnt to paint upon her tears
a rainbow full of life.

Maybe we’re all just meant to live through
The pain and the fears that come our way,
To strengthen our soul and soften our heart
And make us who we are today.

If reason is reason enough for occurrence,
then nothing has meaning at all;
So perhaps in this world where we stumble and fall,
there is purpose for all that we know.
– because

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