Smokes and Puffss

Smokes and puffs

Dawn Montañez wrote another poem that she wanted to share with us. The feeling of pain is the main subject in this poem.
Dawn wrote the following about this poem:

It talks about the feeling of letting the pain be tasted once more through the last puff of cigarette.

Smokes and Puffs

Smokes and Puffs

By Dawn Montañez


as i lighted  my  last cigarette
i let my feelings for you creep inside
of my throat that burns my lungs


smoking away the love that we once shared
i let the pain to be tasted by my tongue
that you’ve brought to me yesterday


with my last cigarette
i remembered how your lips that tastes like june
and your eyes are like a rocket to the moon


i’ve smoked a lot
to let the wounds heal
and until i am satisfied with this love


until with the puff of smokes in the air
here is the heart that aches
along with the mess that we’ve made

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