Smoldering Icarus

Smoldering Icarus

This is the first time, we are able to publish a poem about the legendary Icarus. This poem is written by the poet TKII.

About the poet

Not everyone feels comfortable using their own name on social media, when it comes to writing poetry. The poet TKII (on Instagram TK2_Poetry) wants to remain anonymous.

I write in order to empty myself of all the deep hidden things that I’ve never let come to light.

Sometimes, it is easier to write than to speak. Many poets struggle with this. Poetry helps them, to deal with the situations that need to be told at some point in time.

I prefer a rhyming style even though it is not popular compared to other styles of writing. I continue to rhyme to help keep this art form alive.

About the poem

This poem is about love. Love that has been won and was lost. This had a lot of impact on the poet. He used Icarus as a metaphor. As this a person in Greek mythology, that is known for his wish to fly. Ignoring those who knew about the dangers of his plans, Icarus decided to make wings from feathers and wax. His father warns him not to fly too high or too low. The sun would make the wax melt, as it did. Icarus drowned in the sea, after falling from the sky.

Smoldering Icarus

Smoldering Icarus

Time has passed but feelings have not
I know I found what it is I sought
Fighting to hide what I feel
Hoping to bury and fully seal
Everything, deep to never rise
But, that is fighting the ocean tide
My heart is yours, I see that clear
It’s the same feelings that cause me fear
You’re what I want and nothing more
My wings torn, I cannot soar
I flew too high and touched the sun
I heard the POP shot of a gun
I hit the ground and could not stand
Wings are gone nowhere to land
Bones are broken, heart is torn
No hard feelings, be no more scorn
I forgive because I love so much
Wishing for more, desiring your touch
Your lips, your breath, your warmth I miss
To have a moment to feel your kiss
To pour my love into once again
My love is eternal it will not end


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