So, you want to publish your images?

So, you want to publish your images?

So, you want to publish your images? The images that contain your work, your poems. Here are a few tips to get you started. Even when you are publishing images and poems for a longer time, this information still can be very useful.


Let’s get one thing clear. Clarity is the most important feature of the image you are posting. Unless you are a photographer, the text does matter. Therefore, it should be readable.

Avoid using colours that might be hard to read and a font type that isn’t that clear. For instance, the usage of the colours red and / or green might seem like a good idea, but remember not everyone is able to see these colours. As it comes to colour blindness, people might have a hard time reading green and red texts. If you are using the colour red to express the importance of your message, you might want to consider alternatives.

If a text is that important to you, there are many other options. Maybe you can use another font type or make the font size bigger.

As much as we love these images, there is also a possibility that someone cannot see them at all. Many people who are blind, are troubled by the fact that poems these days are unreadable. You can ask the question if the medium Instagram is really for those who can’t see or read the poems. But, if you are publishing on other platforms as well, there is a good chance your work doesn’t get noticed at all by this group of people. You can avoid this by adding the text from your poem as plain text below the image. Many social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, offer this possibility.

So, let’s make one thing clear: be clear!


As much as you might love your smartphone, not everyone is such a big fan of a smartphone. Poetry is read on various devices, including the old computer. Therefore, the images you publish should be readable on all devices.

If you don’t use a computer, no problem. There is always someone who does. Don’t hesitate to ask if they would view your work.

Also, a good idea: when creating your work on a computer, always check if the work is displayed right on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Use images from a free source

We cannot state this enough. You should always use images from a free source. This will avoid any copyright claims. It’s better not to use images that you found on Google or any other search engine. There are many alternatives. These alternatives can be free and the restrictions aren’t that strict. For instance, the websites below offer the chance to use the images freely, without the attribution.

If you are planning on using images from these websites, a user registration will be useful. It allows you to download the full-sized images. That is one of the other points of attention.

Full size images

No, you don’t need to use images that are way too big. But, an image that is small will appear crumbled on your profile. Again, this might look good on your smartphone, but will probably will not look as good on other (bigger) screens.

Just experiment some with the different sizes of images.


And finally, here are some examples of what not and what

to do…

Example oneHere is the photo you want to use for your poem. The original photo can be found here. Remember that this photo is just to accompany your work. It is an eyecatcher, but must not prohibit your readers.




Wrong!This is just wrong. Yes, you can laugh at this example, but we see this all the time. The text is very difficult to read because the photo isn’t faded enough. You don’t need a desktop publishing programme to do this. The free app PicsArt offers you the chance to use the image that you saved as an overlay. This way the text still can be black and the photo is faded.






BetterYou see, this is better. The background is faded. The text is more clear. Your readers will love this. But, there is always a chance to go the extra mile.







FinallyA different font type and the image looks totally different. It actually does, because the text is changed too. Remember, the font type should be readable. Some font types are very hard to read, especially on mobile devices.







Your work!

So, now it’s up to you. Amaze us with your work. Did our tips help to get you started?

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