So you

Here is our way to ask you not to stop writing. We love to promote your work as a poet. Professional or not. Everyone deserves a chance!

So you

So you
By Harm

Words, like accords

Powerful and hard like a rock

So many words

One big block

of powerful sentences

travelling in batches

From brain to pen

or from brain to keyboard

Time and time again

starting with just one word, one accord

Leading to an apotheosis

an perfect symbiosis

of sentences turning to accords

accords solely based on words

Words solely based on emotions

High as mountains,

deep as oceans

Like spring fountains

in a desert landscape

turning it into one shape

an art form so divine

Don’t ever stop to combine

these wonders of the psyche

so almighty

so powerful

so beautiful

so true

so you!


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