Pregnancy can be the motivation to write poetry. In this emotional period, a woman can think back about her own childhood. Memories of how it was and what she wants it to be. This is the poem Soaring, written by Neyla Miller.

The poem Soaring reflects the thoughts of a woman that is expecting a child. For Neyla Miller it brought back memories. It also made clear what she wanted for her child.

About Neyla

The profile of Neyla on Instagram is a carefully selected combination of art and poetry. Yes, you can ask the question: Isn’t poetry art? Of course, it is! Certainly when it comes to the poetry that Neyla writes.

In daily life, she works as a teacher. She works with young children When she is not teaching, she writes.

About Soaring

Waiting for your first child, it can cause different emotions. For Neyla it was all about what she had experienced during her childhood and the wish for her own child.

“I found myself reviewing all the bits of my upbringing I wish to pass on and everything I needed to let go. The process also brought me closer to my writing, which is my very core being in so many ways, as I had pulled away from my craft for some time. This poem, for me, is very much about cycles and being whole and complete. How generations must move forward and not backward.”



I promise to give you roots,
strong enough to weave your wings.
Those aren’t mine to design or build –
but I promise I’ll be there in the fabric;
I’ll be in your roots
soaring with your high and far.
Always ensuring you know your
way back home

Neyla Miller


This poem should be the wish that every child has at one point. The metaphor of providing wings shows that the poetess wants her child to explore, to “fly.” With the knowledge, she will always provide a solid basis for her child.


Interested in more of Neyla’s writings? Follow her on Instagram where she uses the pen name Lapsed_poet.

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Source: AndisBilderwerkstatt / Pixabay

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A poem that reflects the thoughts about her own childhood and how she wants it to be for her child

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