Remember Zac (and his pen), he wrote the poem Fear. He took the time to submit another poem to us. This is the "Socialiety." A poem about social anxiety.

Remember Zac (and his pen), he wrote the poem Fear. He took the time to submit another poem to us. This is the Socialiety. A poem about social anxiety.

About the poem

The poem Socialety deals with social anxiety. This is the nervousness people feel, when in social situations. Some of these symptoms might cause the patient to become alienated from the rest of the world, because the can’t participate in society. Social anxiety is actually a wide spectrum of different mental disorders, such as autism, eating disorders and mood disorders. In some cases, people seek to find help to cope with these disorders. There is nothing wrong with taking that step.

The American poet Zac Brown (Zac and his pen on Instagram), wrote a poem about how pain and social anxiety have a great impact on someone’s life. Or to use his words:

“It’s about the pain and cycle of social anxiety. Going to see a therapist about it. To seek a better life through (chemical) therapy.”

The different forms of social anxiety can have a great impact on someone’s life and those, who live with a person dealing with these struggles. The struggles are hard to battle.

Socialiety or sociality?

One can ask the question if socialiety is the official word to use. It is not. Zac told us, that this is a combination of social and anxiety. The official word to use is sociality.



Always on the outside looking in,
Never on the inside looking out.
My brain’s a pan and it’s cooking doubt,
Drying it out like lakes in a drought.
Needing water but there’s none to drink,
Neurons shrink to dust, shrivel and die.
A mental marathon just went by,
Leaving me tired, under my eye.
Breathing in, breathing out, nothing works,
The air hurts like a frog in my throat.
Panic and twitches rocking my boat,
Sending me into a harsher note.
The suffering song sings in my head,
There’s nothing here to further explain,
My souls terror and misguided pain,
Am I tired, sick, or just insane?
Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals.
Having too much here, too little there,
Is the reason why I wake up scared,
The fear is false I’m only impaired.

…. There fear is false I can be repaired.


Your struggles, your battles

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A poem written by the American poet Zac Brown about social anxiety.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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