Somebody to love you

Somebody to love you

Somebody to love you is Shakkan Kan’s way of telling us the relationship between us humans and the universe is such as a relationship between a mother and her child(ren).

Shakkan Kan on InstagramAbout Shakkan

Shakkan Kan is 21 years old and lives in Cleveland, Ohio (US). He finds it important to use words for those who can’t.

I’m trying to bring a strong vibration with words to manifest in your world. Uplifting spirits and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.

About Somebody to love you

One with the universe is like a child to the mother.

One who see the universe as it’s motherly creator is one who accepts and live by the laws of the universe.

Shakkan Kan publishes his work on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

Somebody to love you

By Shakkan Kan

Somebody to love you

Late nights could be my best friend, or my worst enemy…

Frustration would rise as ample tears flooded my emotional boat.

I sunk into a dark oceanic abyss…

A surge of immense pain sprouts within my chest. Spreading through my body like the roots of a plant sprouting out of a seed.

The roots of pain protrudes from out my ribs tangling itself with my very own flesh as nutrients from my body was being absorbed.

Gradually, I was being engulfed by black flower petals that sprouted from out my back. While being engulfed by these petals I lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep…

I was awoken, shivering on the floor of a pearly white room…

A garnet throne appears before me, on this throne was Indigo. Thirteen other thrones simultaneously surrounded me. Each throne held an oracle from each of the thirteen universes…


Ah yes, love! Love, love, love. Almost every poet has been there; writing about love. As for Shakkan’s poem: this goes beyond the normal love poem. This is poetry with a deeper meaning. In his introduction text he used the following description for his poem:

Created from the same fabric as the universe…

Isn’t that’s what is’t all about? The fabric of what we are all made of? It defines us humans, it makes us what we are. And the relationship between the universe and us; the same as the relationship between a mother and child. But we covered that part already.

The tone of the poem is set from the moment that Shakkan starts with his first sentence. A period to think about important things: night. The reader is taken along a journey through the mind of the poet, where it becomes clear, that there are things bothering him. Frustration as he calls it.

Shakkan tells us, that it all becomes to heavy for him. When he finally wakes up, unclear if it is still night. The situation changes. Was it first the back shadows that surrounded him, now it is pearly white. A room that is a place for thirteen thrones. A referrence to the computer animation Throne of Glass perhaps? Who is to know, but the author and that is the beauty in poetry – there is always this possibility to think further, to analyse and of course: to be moved by poetry.


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