Someone isn’t heard

It can be difficult sharing your feelings. Even when you write poetry, it can still be a very difficult task. This is what Sadia writes about in her poem. Sometimes she isn’t heard by others.

About Sadia

She is a therapist who also studies Literature. She writes poetry, because this is what she finds best fitting for her.

“I figured out that it’s not just a medium for expression for the poet, but also a medium of emotional release for the reader.”

Sadia started her poetic journey when she was just a small child. It wasn’t really poetry, it were more scribbled lines of text. At the age of fourteen she grew over a writer’s block and started writing more poetry. Since then, she didn’t pause.

As a poetess she is inspired by great names such as Edgar Allan Poe, William Wordsworth, Rumi and Khalil Gibran. Based on this inspiration and her own creativity, she managed to write in her own style. This is a “product” of her imagination and fears. There is always this thought that she is going to be judged by others or that she might offend someone else. There is no need to worry. Sadia writes inspiring and beautiful words that we are more than happy to share with the rest of the world.

About the poem

When asked, Sadia told us this poem is about the problems that force themselves on someone when it comes to writing. Remember, writing is a dynamic process and sometimes it just doesn’t go as you planned. The poem is also about those moments when it is possible to write, but no one seems to “listen.”

It’s a constant battle and sometimes there is success. This is all about those words that need to come out. There is no way that this would ever or could ever stop.

“They will be there, waiting, trying, breathing and hoping that someday they will be heard. If it gets too long though, they grasp for breath and eventually give up. Now what’s left within is a dead body of words which won’t come out.But their corpse will make you feel more and more dead inside.

Here I talk about how lack of exposure and freedom of expression can affect a person’s emotional and mental health, sometimes to an irreparable extent. “

Beautifully described by this talented poetess!

Someone isn’t heard

She was a beautiful
cemetery of all the
words that
suffocated and died
inside her.


Someone isn't heard
Article Name
Someone isn't heard
About the moments when you can't write, can write and cannot be heard
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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