Something has changed!

We are pleased to inform everyone, that we integrated both the Dutch and the English website into one website. These websites excisted till today as seperate websites.

Dutch domain

In June 2017 we informed everyone, that we created a Dutch version of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. This was a new adventure for us! A Dutch domain and a Dutch website. After several months of publishing on two websites, we decided to integrate both websites. The Dutch website is now part of the international website.

The website of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs NL can be found at From now on, every visitor is redirected to the international website. We found it difficult to maintain two websites, with seperate content.

More views!

As you might know, one of the main advantages when your work is published is that we can offer more views of your work. Our website is found using search engines and this is good news for you. Now even more people are able to see your work, not just the ones who publish on social media. Publishing articles with background information about the poets is something we are not only proud of. It is also a way to show we do things in a different way from many other social accounts who just promote the work. They stick to one, maybe more, social media profiles. We have no limits as it comes to sharing your work!

More languages

The more languages, the better. Unfortunately, we cannot offer every language yet. We are thinking about this and if you want to join us by translating our website to your native language: you are more than welcome to join us!

What will not change: we are the online poetry magazine. Poems, backgrounds and tips. We are gladly sharing them with our visitors. We are always interested in your work. So submit your work today, using this link.

The videos you send us, will not only be published on our website. They will also appear on our YouTube channel.


We launched a webshop a few months ago, but we weren’t too happy with this. We will be launching a new webshop in the comming months. As soon as this webshop is live, we will inform you about this!

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