Sore muscles

Running away isn’t just about a speedy tempo when walking. It can also mean that you are forcing yourself to hide from that what is important. It can cause sore muscles too, as you can read in the poem written by Veronika Sivka.

It took a while before she was able to present us with an appropriate illustration for the poem. She decided to use the work of the Slovenian illustrator Nina Kovacic. She finds this illustration to be a perfect combination for her poem. We can only agree to this!

About Sorce’s muscles

The reason to write this poem was the friendship with someone who always kept pushing people away. This self-mechanism was used by her, to save her from emotional pain. In the end, she realized that she ended up alone. People simply gave up on her.

“Without any workout, I think, her muscles must have hurt in the end. So I combined facts (sore muscles after a workout) with metaphors such as Running away from people and Pushing people away.”

Sore muscles

Sore muscles


Do your legs ever hurt
After running away
From all those who care about you?


Do your arms ever hurt
From pushing away
All those who desperately want to love you?


Does your heart ever hurt
When they finally give up
And let you go?


Veronika Sivka



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Sore muscles
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Sore muscles
A poem about someone who runs away and ends up alone
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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