Two poets can definitely work together on a poem. Aastikta Sharma worked together with Yao Chang Ao and they written the poem Spring.

About the poem

This poem is about the Spring. How we see different colors and features of spring unfolding in front of us and enjoy the nature’s masterpiece.

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Together they call themselves “Two Souls One Pen.” We look forward publishing more work of these two poets in the future.

Did you ever work with another poet to write a poem? And what was the outcome? Feel free to share the results with us!



By Two Souls One Pen


I rest in those fields to dream,
Watching mother nature gleam,
The rainbow tied by it seams,
Worlds can be so serene.

And the color took me like a queen,
when flowers bloomed and
petals turned green.
Filled with energy I rejoiced the spring,
It’s the nature full of bling.



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