A poem about various feelings and emotions. Oorja Paul used all the right words for her poem Stitches.

About Oorja

The twenty-year-old Oorja Paul writes poetry because she feels that poetry is the language of her soul. In her work, she lets the words flow. She publishes her work on Instagram.

About Stitches

The poem throws light upon various feelings and emotions; loneliness, grief, agony, nostalgia…. The world we live in gives us a memory, every second which may not be visible but is scarred on our body as well as our soul. However with the passage of time we learn to stop fearing pain and aches, we accept the past and look forward at the future with a new zeal.

Stitches consists of one stanza. The poetess takes us on a journey inside her wounded soul. She asks herself if she will ever be capable to get over the heartache; the stitches, the wounds.


By Oorja Paul


The bleared voices
of my agony
screams inside those
inane voids.
The hidden viper
screams back.
Shall i too cover my ears?
I have learnt to look in your eye
and not fear
the sordid reverie.
Sing with me the aches of love
before we stitch
the shredded wound.
Every scar
you see on this body (and if inside),
carries a name and a memory.
Many names….
Many memories….

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