Stronger woman

Even the description she gaves us about this poem, is pure beauty! Rachel Lawrence send us the poem Stronger woman. We have some news about this talented writer!

When we asked Rachel if she was interested in creating her own portfolio on our website, she asked some critical questions. Was her work still hers? And what about the copyrights? We ensured her that it was still her work, as it will always be. We simply provide a platform for those who need it to create an online portfolio. Yesterday we set things up. She is now in the stage of anxious to get started. That is good!

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About the poem

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew there was something there? A spark. Some underlined connection pulling you in. You meet someone and before a moment has passed you have already lived a lifetime in your mind. First date. The awkward silence at the end. The stumbled kiss leaving you breathlessly drawing hearts on papers for weeks. Hand holding, white dresses, rings. Children playing, porch swings, growing old. In. Moments time you have lived a lifetime in your mind. Well that’s what happens to me the other day. Never has it happened before. Least not to me. A stranger brushed my hand. Intentionally. The electricity charged through us both like lighting and I know he felt what I felt. His eyes alone gave him away. For that moment I never wanted anything more in my life.

He passed me his number and I left. I will never call it. But forever in my mind I have that moment. That memory. It will never be tainted by fighting. Life. Breakups. But it will live forever as is. A beautiful moment that no one can take away. Two souls connecting on a level most people aren’t even aware exist.

The letters in ( ) at the end of the poem represent- where we met and his name. So I will never forget 🙂



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Stronger woman

By Stormboxer

Stronger Woman

If I were a stronger woman I would have turned the car around.
I would have slammed on the brakes and ran back in.
If I were a stronger woman I would have crossed the floor with ease.
Wrapping my hands around your neck.
Tracing your thoughts with my lips.
Breathing in your scent.
I would have pressed you against the wall.
My tongue making love to your mouth.
Darting in and out.
I would have run my fingers through your hair.
Wrapped my arms around your waist. I would have moved with precision.
Tracing poetry on your skin.
Taking time to remember.
Lingering kisses.
In case the change never come again.
But I just smiled.
Took your number.
Pretended not to notice when you brushed my hand.
It hurts that you will never know. 
In my mind.
For that moment you were my man.

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