Such a sin

Such a sin

Germany is now one of the countries in the world, where people of the same sex are allowed to marry. In my own country, this was settled by our governement in 2001. This is of course very good news, for those who want to get married in Germany. Unfortunately, there are some things to consider.

Freedom to love. Isn’t this just as important as freedom to write? At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we believe in freedom. We think that everyone deserves freedom. However, we are realistic, when we see this world we live in. A world where freedom isn’t for all of us to enjoy. There isn’t the possibility to speak or love in freedom. In many countries relationships between those of the same sex are considered to be sinful. Is it justified to call this a sin? Should love never have to be a sin?

In 2001 The Netherlands was the first country in the world to introduce the same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage. According to some, it still is a sin. Let’s twist this around: let’s call it a sin! Let’s call it a sin, that not everyone is allowed to love in freedom and to marry the one they love. That is, according to us, the biggest sin there is!

Such a sin

By Harm

Such a sin


It’s such a sin
This marriage of two of the same sex
The vote in Germany
What kind of a world we live in?
So complex,
where love is love is considered to be a felony
At least in some parts
Now it starts
Germany following
many others, like my own country
It’s still a sin, if you ask me
that they weren’t able to see
that this was how it supposed to be
Love is love, understand that
and nothing is going to change this
It isn’t a format
that can be changed, are you brainless?
There is only one sin
In this world we live in
and that is believing love is restricted
It’s quite candid
Love is love and that’s splendid!

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