Sunday morning


In this part of the world (Europe to be precise) it’s morning when I write these words. Inspired by this Sunday morning, I wrote a poem that was inspired by this Sunday. I was overwhelmed with the sounds of birds singing and an almost blue sky.


We have a rule in our house. My children are not allowed to go out of bed before seven o’clock in the morning. Before you judge or comment, this is necessary. My son is eight years old and is highly intelligent (IQ 149). Children with a high intelligence sometimes don’t need a lot of sleep. To prevent my son, who can be very loud in the morning, waking up his sister (six years old), we decided on this rule. So, this morning I was the one who woke up early. There was no one there, alone and as I was making my morning coffee, I listened to the birds singing. A beautiful composition that inspired me to write about this Sunday morning.

Sunday morning

Sunday morning

By Harm

Like a silent witness, I was there when the earth became alive
Sleepless on a Sunday morning,
when the new day would arrive
Birds sang their song as if they were admiring
a new day, a new start
Were they doubting, that the night would ever depart?
When it did, were they singing
to welcome a new beginning?


So, my inspiration thrived on this morning. How about you? What is your inspiration today to write poetry?

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