There are moments I really look forward to summer. Especially those moments, when I can see the beauty of the Sunflowers. As it is winter, I can only write about the beauty. Here is my poem about Sunflowers. That it may inspire Mother Nature to speed up time and bring us summer!



In the field of golden gold
the sunflowers mighty and tall
the beauty they hold
can’t you see the beauty of this all?

In the fields they stand
Looking towards the sky
I don’t have to pretend
They don’t have time for me
it’s the birds thee see
They look towards the direction they fly

In the fields the brown and certainly the yellow
are magnificent
I stare and stare from below
with tears in my eyes, this will all end
No matter how hard they want to defend
against the message Autumn and Winter send
In the fields they bow
to the cold winds that blow
over the field they call their home
They kneel to the Winter King
Resistance is a useless thing
When winds bring in the cold
Why am I still surprised, for this is foretold

In the fields the remains of the golden flowers
which yielded for the powers
are turned to food for the newcomers
for in the next summers
there is beauty to be seen
and this scene
will help me through the winter weather
making me warm, when I remember
my memories about these flowers

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