The poem Surrendering marked the end of a chapter in a personal chapter of TNChowles (Terrence).


About the poet

I’ve always believed that I needed to get my thoughts out but never knew how to do it. I tried many different mediums and outlets but they all seemed to not satisfy this desire to express.

About the poem

This writing came at a time when a chapter in my life had come to an end. It was my acceptance of who I was and who I am to become, as I always resisted what was within me. My surrendering to what is and to what will be.



By TNChowles


At the dusk of my surrendering
I set out to the depths of the forest
where few are brave enough to journey
with me

Take these fragile remains of mine
and build a bonfire
Take your time and remember all
you know of me
Read a few pages torn from me, a man of the galaxies

Take a flame from your heart and set
me ablaze. Let my flames rage on
into the night, reaching for the heavens
Feel my presence consuming the air,
filling the voids
Sit with me through the night and
lets gaze at the stars

At the dawn of my birth I rise from
these embers more powerful than ever
I set out on a path for the mountains
to continue my journey


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