Swipe left, swipe right

Swipe left, swipe right

We use social media for making choices solely based on appearance. There are even apps for this to make a choice based on looks. Isn’t it time to make a choice based on more than looks?

I was brought up with the believe that you should always give people a chance. It’s hard these days, when you are confronted with platforms that are invented not to think further. Or at least make a decision based on appearance.

If we stop to realise that there is more than beauty on the outside, we ignore the fact that there is so much more. And besides, what defines beauty?

This poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Swipe left, swipe right

Swipe left, swipe right

By Harm

Swipe left, swipe right
We’re swiping all night
From A to Z
Are you looking at me?
Faceless expressions
Not seeking attentions
or are your attentions
just based on how you see someone?
But what about ambition
to never judge a book by it’s cover?
Isn’t the inner beauty something to discover?
Instead of swiping right to left, left to right
So impolite

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