Table for one

Table for one

Prakriti Mishra converts pain into poetry. She send her poem using the Instagram app. If you want to submit your poem, you can also use this link to submit your poem.

Prakriti has her own Instagram profile. If you want to follow her, use this link. Her poem is about having to go on after a break up.


Table for one

Table for one

By Prakriti Mishra

She asked for a table for one,
but there was none….

She asked for a table for one,
because her life was as
distrurbed as a messed up bun
and all the feelings had gone
for a long run,
there, in her heart was
left no fun,
just like she was going to
be shot by a gun!!
She was done by
pretending to have fun….

Her heart was happy being alone,
she didn’t like to take love,
from anyone as a loan,
but sometimes,
her heart would moan
and her heart was toned….

But, this wasn’t the end of
her story!!
There was some missing theory!!!!


Thank you Prakriti for these words!

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