On social media tagging is essential. Use the right tags, it allows people to find you and read your work. But there is more, much more to tagging. Let’s take the time to explain the obvious some more.


Who would have thought in 2004 that within the next years social media would dominate our lives? As you might know Facebook was launched in that year. You may not even been around to experience this moment. After Facebook there was this thing called Instagram. That wasn’t here till 2010. After a few years, Facebook took over Instagram and this social media platform began to rise even more.

Today there are many poets that use Instagram in daily basis. Not even to promote or share their own work, but also for inspiration. The dependency on tags is the basis to be found on Instagram (and other social media). Using the right tags allows you to search for other poets or writers. It also enables the possibility to make sure you can be found.


Salvador DalíThere are numerous websites that help you to get insight on the tags you can use. However, if you use these tags it doesn’t guarantee that you will be liked back. It’s the same with paintings. You can be a great fan of Salvador Dalí, but remember that not everyone is a fan of surrealism. But you have to ask yourself: what is more important. The usage of tags so you can get all sorts of likes or the fact that you want people to like you for what you are, what you do.

Of course, it can be thrilling to find out that people like your work. As it comes down to me, I find it more important that people really like the things I write (that sometimes can be a weird look into my mind, even my soul), than people who just click like. Sure, I use tags that generate all kinds of people. Even tags that I use to start following me. But, I do this in combination with the other hashtags. I choose what tags I want in my posts based on my feelings. I know, marketers won’t approve. But as it comes down to sharing my deepest thoughts, even for The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, I do not care actually.

So, if you are doing a good job, choosing the right tags, why don’t you get much followers? Remember, this can happen. If you are doubting the work you make, don’t. There is always someone who truly appreciates your work. The trouble is that millions of users are on these social media platforms we nowadays use. There is a chance you won’t get noticed. That is why we of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs do our best to promote work of other poets. We do this free of charge, because we consider it our mission to spread words and thoughts with as much people possible. And yes, we do target. We choose the channels we use carefully on popularity. Even the tags we use. This all to promote the poets we believe write poetry that needs to be shared with others.

We do more, of course. There isn’t one word of poetry in this article that you are reading. There won’t be, to be honest. This is a typical example of tips we give to those who are interested. If you’re not, no problem. There will be much more articles on our website that are worth the reading time.

What tags to use?

I don’t think an article about tags doesn’t raise the big question what tags to use. Well, that is a good question! I’m not going to answer this question. There is a website you can consult for more information about this subject: http://gethashtags.com/instagram/tag/poetry. Remember, don’t become spammy. Use the hashtags carefully and wisely!

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