Tainted heart

Tainted heart
A poem written by Alexa Fortune.

When a relationship isn’t based on a mutual level of respect, there is no chance that this relationship will last. This is the poem, written by the South African poetess Alexa Fortune, about such a relationship.

About Tainted heart

It is so obvious: a relationship without mutual respect, doesn’t seem to have any future. However, there are many of those experiencing this, who decide to go on. Alexa holds up a mirror for those who are experiencing this. She wrote from the perspective of a woman, since she based this on a woman who had an argument with her partner. The hurt was unforgivable and this filled her with anger – fury as Alexa calls this. She only asked for him, to love and adore him the same way she did. This all had a heavy toll on her heart.


Alexa addresses a topic that is not only recognizable. It’s – unfortunately – of all time.

Alexa Fortune
.Alexa Fortune


Alexa publishes her poems on the social media platform Instagram. She uses the pen name Snippets_of_A. Earlier we published another poem written by her, entitled Settling for a lifetime.

It’s not that many times, we are able to read an introduction to the work of a poet or poetess. Alexa decided to make her first Instagram post one that described why she was motivated to start her account and share her poems with the rest of the world. She had been thinking about this for a period of six months. We are glad she did!






Tainted heart

Tainted heart

My chest burns with fury
at the sight of you
and my heart
will stay a tainted organ
that longs to be desired by yours.

Alexa Fortune

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