As many poets, Tessa Emily responded in a spontanious way, when we asked her if we could feature her poem. Read more about why she wrote the poem Teaching.

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About the poet

Tessa is from Perth (Australia) and works as a teacher.

I write poetry because I have so much inside of me that I need to organise into words. I write to help myself make sense of the world. I write because words have power and I want to learn how to use that to bring beauty into the world.

Tessa publishes her poems onĀ Instagram.

About the poem

I work with kids, and I find it so amazing watching them learn about the world. They teach me so much, and that is what this poem is about.



Tessa Emily


Yesterday, a class full of children
teached me about grieving.

they thaught me that it’s okay to talk
about how you’re feeling.
It’s okay to write poems
that may never be read.
It’s okay
to want
to say
It’s okay to cry.

a class full of children
thaught me about resilience.

They thaught me it’s okay to play
and show your brilliance.
It’s okay to have fun
even when you’re feeling sad.
It’s okay
to want
to live
your life.
It’s okay to be
just okay.
Just pick yourself up
and keep on your way.

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