Meghan Kappers wrote a poem that was inspired by what she saw on a boat trip to Finland. As the journey of thirty (!) hours continued, she began to notice details. She wrote a poem about a confused man, who was talking to a teddy bear. The poem is called Teddy.

About the poet

Meghan is 21 years old and is currently finishing her study. She lives in The Netherlands, but has also lived in Australia. She is determined to see as much of the world as she can.

In 2014, she started writing. It turned out to be one of her favourite things.

About the poem

The inspiration to write this poem, Teddy, came from a boat trip to Finland. This trip would take about thirty hours. During that trip, she began to notice details. One of the passengers on board was an old man. He walked the decks with a teddy bear under his arm.

This old man wore old clothes and seemed confused. He talked to the teddy bear as it as a living thing and tried to make it sit on a chair.

As he was alone, Meghan was touched by what she saw. He was travelling alone and she wondered if there was someone to help him on this trip. Was there someone waiting in Finland? The thought that there might not be anyone waiting for this man, brought tears to her eyes.

Just like her, the old man was also writing. She didn’t know what he was writing. As sad as this all looked, the man seemed to have the time of his life – the longer she watched him. Everything he saw or touched, he made clear it was amazing. In his eyes, there was an expression of pure joy. Unfortunately, Meghan told us, she sees this rarely. She had to write about this and the outcome was a poem called Teddy.

Meghan shared this poem using her Instagram profile. She uses the pen name My writers heart.


By My writers heart


It was on the middle of the Baltic Sea
on a ship headed towards Finland
when I saw this old man travelling
with a teddy bear in his hand

His hair was tangled
his clothes were wrinkled
he looks puzzled
but his eyes, they twinkled

My heart sank when I saw him
taking his Teddy out for meals
but with one closer look
I could see exactly how he feels

Happy like a child
he looks lost but always smiles
travelling with his Teddy
that smile could take him miles.

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