Akhila Hande wrote the poem Tenebrosity. About an complicated emotion: love.

Akhila on InstagramAbout the poet

I’m Akhila Hande, an undergraduate presently based in Udupi, (a small town in the southern India) I’m not much of a talker and I found it better to articulate my deepest feelings, fears and desires through poetry. That way, I could free my intricate mind from the tangles of bottled up self doubts and insecurities.

tenebrosity definitionAbout the poem

The reason why I wrote the poem “Tenebrosity” is, I found love to be an extremly complicated emotion, but it became simpler when I embraced my muse with his darkness.




By Akhila Writes


Your tenebrosity had different stories to tell,
And every time I listened to them, I was left
With pain and perplexity that exemplified
your mind.


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