That Door Will Stay Open

That Door Will Stay Open

People will leave from your life, but which ones have you left a spot open for?

About the poet

Each breath I take corresponds to the words coming out of my mouth. That’s the type of poetry I aim to create.

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About the poem

“That Door Will Stay Open,” is a poem I wrote to embrace the paining fact that not everyone in life is here to stay. My inspiration came from meeting new people, whom chances are I will never see again, hoping from time to time again or maybe just once I will be able to see them again.


That Door Will Stay Open

By Rashi R. Sanghavi
That Door Will Stay Open

people in my life will go as easily as they come.
because I welcome them as they enter the door,
I remember to greet them before they leave.
sometimes it’s easier to see them out, other times
I have to be a more reserved version of myself to subdue.
no matter what, I leave the door open after them
in hope that they’d like to revisit someday.
that maybe, their footsteps will echo
till they reach my abode.
that maybe, they will walk through
the door that holds a plaque of my name lettered in bold.
that maybe, their returning was meant to be
just at the right time and place.
moments can turn into days, weeks, months, and years,
but that door will stay open. I can be emotional,
but that door will stay open. you can move on,
but that door will stay open. the world can forget me,
but that door will stay open. only when I die will that door close,
it’ll signal the end of my patience and your last chance.

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