That single moment…

That single moment… when you need to realise that there is much beauty to be found in this life. This is what the poet 21centuryrumi wants to bring forward.


Let’s ‘hear’ what this poet has to say about this poem:

“This poem depicts the importance of a single moment. It urges to see how beautiful every passing second is. How much life it contains and how important it is to live in the present.”

If you turn a blind eye to these things, you will miss some greatness.

That single moment...

Let the rain freeze
Let the wind slow down
Let the blood stop
Stop your breath
Catch your beat
Close your eyes
Turn blind and see the colour of darkness
Close your ears, turn deaf
Listen to the music of silence
Live the moment
Because Each equals infinity
Believe me I have been there
Be a part of this eternal sphere
Where moment is life
And life is just a single moment


This is a very motivational poem. It shows that we always need to take a look at every aspect or detail of this world we live in. There are so many things we are taking for granted. If we stop doing this – taking it for granted – you will be able to experience even more beauty.

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That single moment...
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That single moment...
An analysis of the poem written by 21centuryrimi
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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