That song

That song

That song

Beautiful handwriting by someone who writes poetry for eleven years. Meet the talented Dutch poet Esmee. She wrote the poem That song, that we gladly share.

About the poet

My name is Esmee. I am 22 years old and I have been writing poetry for eleven years. It is my way to express myself and cope with certain events. I also write about sports and how important nature is to me. Sports, nature and music are my sources of inspiration.

About the poem

This poem is called That song. I have written this poem because the song I wrote about reminds me of the passing away of my grandmother. This number still affects me.

Esmee writes both in Dutch and English. Almost all her poems are handwritten. Definitely someone you should follow on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Poetryesmee.

That song

That song

By Poetryesmee

That one song, what’s making me cry every time
Doesn’t matter where I’m
I can’t keep myself strong
All because of that beautiful song

It reminds me of that horrible day
That day, God took you away
Tears are everywhere
It’s just not fair

I still miss you every day
Already for 6 years long
The sun is shining at that day
The memories of you, is keeping me strong

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