The agony of my kiss

The agony of my kiss

He used a coffee filter to write his typewriter poem. It takes great creativity to come up with this way to share your work. Nicholas Ray did this for the poem entitled The agony of my kiss.

About The agony of my kiss

A yes, creativity thrives. Nicholas Ray managed to come up with a love poem plus-plus (+ +). For starters, the creative way that he used to expressed his feelings. The poem itself, is not just a love poem. This poem speaks love … and longing.

Nicholas is a man of few words and had the following to say about this poem:

I believe its self-explanatory.

We have to agree: this is love poetry. This is how it should be!

The poet used a Smith Carona Galaxie Deluxe typewriter. The only way that he was happy about this poem, was when he started typing using a coffee filter.

The Agony of My Kiss

By Nicholas Ray Poetry

The agony of my kiss

Every press of your lips
I lived ahundred blissfull
Every embrace parted
I died a hundred again
Imagine now
the agony of my kiss
a kiss without your skin


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