The appreciation

The apprication, a poem written by Esmée, is all about her previous work as a nurse for people with Down syndrome. As always, her poem is handwritten.

About the poem

I wrote this poem because from time to time I stop by at my previous place of business. The people there are more than happy to see me again. This is very rewarding for me. Especially when one of the people there made me a card to show his appriciation for me and tells me that he misses me. Those small things can make me very happy.


The appriciation

By Poetryesmee

The appriciation

When you get a card
Of a person with Down syndrome who has a big heart
His way to show his appreciation to me
My previous workplace, still the place to be

It makes me happy
When they’re glad to see me again
Come to drink with them, a cup of tea
The place where my nursing career began

The littlest things you do
It’s making them to smile
Even though you weren’t here for a while
It’s making me smile too.


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