The burden of heaviness

The burden of heaviness

He was once witnessed a traffic accident. This inspired him to write this poem: The burden of heaviness.

About The Dusty Pen

Mahesh Pethakamsetty uses The Dusty Pen to write poetry and publish his work on the social media platform Instagram. You can also find him on Facebook. In daily life he is a MBBS student and writes poetry and short stories. He is also good at writing quotes. At this moment, he is deciding when he can publish his anthology.

About The burden of heaviness

I met with an accident one day, where a bus hit me. Though I escaped the incident unharmed, several thoughts scrolled my head moments later. I felt like, what if something happened and what if I could not tell the things I wanted to for long. What if my heart dies in heaviness of those words. And thus, I penned down this poem.


The burden of heaviness

By The Dusty Pen

The burden of heaviness

But, it is selfishness
to let your heart stop with words unsaid.

Your heart has been a
faithful servant, and it deserves to die,
lighter and free.

My friend. Speak out.
Let the words unsaid erupt.
The time is now, for you
never know what is to happen.

Master, for a humble servant
that has relentlessly worked for you_
Isn’t it your duty to free
it from the burden of heaviness?

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