The burial

The burial is a poem written by Maia Aruna. Words that came to her, when she was thinking about how death has an impact on our life.

About the poem

Maia thought about the way we see death. It is an end, it brings grief and pain. She was thinking about ways it could be comforting and less dark. Instead she finds herself thinking about the way we love and how we should embrace that more. As it concerns death, she told us:

We are afer all coming back home.

The burial

When the tide is low
and the waves are slow
and the moon, calm and soft
the earth, she will mother you
again with gravity pulling you in
and her love, ferocious of a glow
and you will be
forever wombed.

Maia Aruna

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The burial
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The burial
This poem is written by Maia Aruna.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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